Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sanguinary Gaurd - A change indeed!

So recently, I was bored and decided for a change of models to paint, what a better unit than the Sanguinary Guard!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey look, I did work!

So with my Mortis pattern Contemptor Dreadnought finally finished, it's time for a good old fashioned copy and paste from MBG's site, Spikey Bits. Thanks again for taking the pictures, bro!

 And here is the behemoth in action during an Apocalypse game!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Change? How about back to the past?!

I swear the lighting is making it look darker than it really is...Aside from that, I gotta tighten up the areas around where I glazed. There is bright plans for this guy, and he will be at the forefront of my new Imperial Fists...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forgeworld bound and down

Just a quick update of what I am currently working on, nothing too impressive, yet...Forgeworld order came in and i now need to spend more money to make my Imperial Fists more awesome, as if that is possible but I will try nonetheless!

Daemon Prince

Shiny new contemptor dread

Night Lords Dreadnought base

Primed Night Lords Dreadnought
Primed Night Lord Dread

Dystopian Wars Battleship

Infinity Dragoes
minus the gun, that never came with it :hurr:

And that, my dear readers, is the end of this little update

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dreadfleet: And now for something a little different...

So MBG asked me to write up an article as to how I painted up my Dreadfleet ship, The Shadewraith, for the Halloween costume contest. Mumbling about how easy it was, just washes and drybrushing, I was conned into eventually writing it up, mentioning the internet fame I would stumble upon. So here I sit, in the theoretical man cave I call my loft, typing up this painting article. Sorry, as I don't have any work in progress photos, as I was rush painting this and decided against wasting time taking pictures.

My initial inspiration for how to paint the ship came from a old aquarium terrain piece I had in a fishtank from a lifetime ago. From there, I decided that it would be a eerie ghostly color, similar to the old disney pictures I had lying around in the house. With my source material handy, and a gleam of hope in my heart, I began the process of turning a chunk of plastic into something that looks half decent in time for a contest.

Priming the mini the night before, the model was ready for painting the next day, which was good because the speed painting I would need to do for the ship to be ready for the contest, in 4 hours. Welp.

Starting with a basecoat of Astronomican Grey, i hit everything on the ship with it. Everything, not a single detail was spared from the wrath of my brush. With the ship drying, I worked on the base, deciding I wanted it to have a roiling and turbulent sea, after all, the name of the game is dreadfleet, not ships in calm seas. I basecoated with Regal Blue, and applied a heavy drybrush of Vallejo Enchanted Blue. a further, more deliberate drybrush of Steel Grey was applied, and I washed it all with Badab black, to darken it to storm sea colors. Once the wash dried, Ihit it with Dead White, just barely, on the crests to simulate sea foam.

Now that the base was ready, i began working with washes. Already deciding on Thraka Green to give it the ghostly look from cartoons made in the 90's. (Scooby Doo, you where such a inspiration..) Washing the entire hull with it (sails and all), and then when it dried it was drybrushed with Astronomican Grey. It was then washed, again, with Thraka Green - but with a hint of Scorpion Green, to make it look like it was under water for a long time. This was not my idea, but one of my friends who suggested it to me on the fly, as I hit the two and a half our mark. When that dried, I proceeded with another drybrush of Astronomican Grey, and then a super light drybrush of Dead White.

Painting the entire ship took me approximately 4 hours, and apparently was well recieved by the bayying wolves at the store, hungry for pizza and magic cards. Thats how I painted this, and I hope that you enjoyed reading this, now I have to work on more ships. Ships that will one day, hopefully soon, see the table top.


Also, a big thank you to MBG for taking the picture, otherwise I am sure it would have turned out like a pile of garbabe (I am not all that great at taking pictures of minis...yet...)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Change of Pace

No new pictures up yet, still working out the kinks with my camera. But, there is some small news. The other day at my local game store, I picked up 20 Pink Horrors and a box of flamers. Nothing major, except upon opening the box of flamers I casually noticed that one was missing half his face. Everything from the bottom of the teeth was just gone. I asked my buddy to take a picture of, for the purpose of hilarity.

Since these guys would be replaced by Games Workshop(and where, got the package yesterday.) I tested some washing techniques impressed upon me by my friend. So far, they turned out alright. rather dark and not bright enough for how i wish my flamers to be, good thing i had a box to spare.

But I digress, updates will be forthcoming - slowly making progress on the 60 man mob of horrors (I swear I might just buy a air brush, hand painting these guys is killing my will to live.) and on the Herald of Tzeentch. It will be nice when that brick gets finished, as I love how they are turning out but that is not motivating me enough to paint them.

I doubt if anyone reads this except for a few people, but its probably just me. Am I slowly going crazy? Everyone I talk to has great things to say about my Daemon Prince, but when I ask them about the rest they walk away. Have I lavished too much detail upon him that he simply overshadows the rest of the army? I know thats the point, but not so much so that everyone ignores the rest. I end my ranting, for hopes that one day that someone will compliment my flamers, or one of the (few) painted pink horrors.

Liquid Green Stuff - Not How It Sounds...

Liquid Green Stuff.

Two days ago, bloodshot eyes at 2AM, listening to Dr. Know and debating about what video to game to keep me awake. I ultimately decide on Space Marine, because smashing face with a Thunder Hammer is incredibly gratifying. I get a text message from MBG asking me to write a article. Christ, on what? Liquid Green Stuff. The most recent contraption from the minds at Games Workshop. With no source material I head to my local game store and pick up two things, the liquid green stuff and a finecast mini to be my test subject. It was the Exalted Hero of Chaos on Daemonic Mount, for those interested.

Now, here I sit, with a pot of glorified gap filler and a mini that needs some serious repair. Luckily, thats just what this liquid Green Stuff is designed for. for the price of a paint pot(3.70 before taxes) you get enough liquid green stuff to fill tons of gaps (hopefully this will not be needed...but the quality of Games Workshop's finecast has been varying..). With that said, I proceed to dive into it. Opening the pot, my first impression is that its like a ultra thick foundation paint. It smells like somewhat old bubble gum, and and looks like it, too. After carefully getting a solid paintbrush full (its a small one, to fill small gaps) and suprisingly, it does a good job. Several layers are required as the gap filler with sink into the gap, leaving a dented impression. Unfortunately, the mini i bought had a whole horse full of gaps, and required a whole mess of this stuff. Luckily, when you prime over it you can not even notice that you used the product.

Satisfied, I began to move onto more of my finecast purchases. Gaps in my Chaos Daemon Flamers of Tzeentch? Filled. the Changeling that had a gouge in his cloak? Filled. Warriors of Chaos cloaks? evened out. I couldn't stop myself until I realized that it was a quarter past 2, and I had to get up at 7AM. Welp. So now, here I sit, bloodshot eyes at 2AM and listeningto Dr. Know, with a desk filled with minis that have at least some of this liquid green stuff. With my gaps filled, I boot up Space Marine for a well deserved kill session.