Monday, October 10, 2011

Change of Pace

No new pictures up yet, still working out the kinks with my camera. But, there is some small news. The other day at my local game store, I picked up 20 Pink Horrors and a box of flamers. Nothing major, except upon opening the box of flamers I casually noticed that one was missing half his face. Everything from the bottom of the teeth was just gone. I asked my buddy to take a picture of, for the purpose of hilarity.

Since these guys would be replaced by Games Workshop(and where, got the package yesterday.) I tested some washing techniques impressed upon me by my friend. So far, they turned out alright. rather dark and not bright enough for how i wish my flamers to be, good thing i had a box to spare.

But I digress, updates will be forthcoming - slowly making progress on the 60 man mob of horrors (I swear I might just buy a air brush, hand painting these guys is killing my will to live.) and on the Herald of Tzeentch. It will be nice when that brick gets finished, as I love how they are turning out but that is not motivating me enough to paint them.

I doubt if anyone reads this except for a few people, but its probably just me. Am I slowly going crazy? Everyone I talk to has great things to say about my Daemon Prince, but when I ask them about the rest they walk away. Have I lavished too much detail upon him that he simply overshadows the rest of the army? I know thats the point, but not so much so that everyone ignores the rest. I end my ranting, for hopes that one day that someone will compliment my flamers, or one of the (few) painted pink horrors.

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