Monday, October 10, 2011

Liquid Green Stuff - Not How It Sounds...

Liquid Green Stuff.

Two days ago, bloodshot eyes at 2AM, listening to Dr. Know and debating about what video to game to keep me awake. I ultimately decide on Space Marine, because smashing face with a Thunder Hammer is incredibly gratifying. I get a text message from MBG asking me to write a article. Christ, on what? Liquid Green Stuff. The most recent contraption from the minds at Games Workshop. With no source material I head to my local game store and pick up two things, the liquid green stuff and a finecast mini to be my test subject. It was the Exalted Hero of Chaos on Daemonic Mount, for those interested.

Now, here I sit, with a pot of glorified gap filler and a mini that needs some serious repair. Luckily, thats just what this liquid Green Stuff is designed for. for the price of a paint pot(3.70 before taxes) you get enough liquid green stuff to fill tons of gaps (hopefully this will not be needed...but the quality of Games Workshop's finecast has been varying..). With that said, I proceed to dive into it. Opening the pot, my first impression is that its like a ultra thick foundation paint. It smells like somewhat old bubble gum, and and looks like it, too. After carefully getting a solid paintbrush full (its a small one, to fill small gaps) and suprisingly, it does a good job. Several layers are required as the gap filler with sink into the gap, leaving a dented impression. Unfortunately, the mini i bought had a whole horse full of gaps, and required a whole mess of this stuff. Luckily, when you prime over it you can not even notice that you used the product.

Satisfied, I began to move onto more of my finecast purchases. Gaps in my Chaos Daemon Flamers of Tzeentch? Filled. the Changeling that had a gouge in his cloak? Filled. Warriors of Chaos cloaks? evened out. I couldn't stop myself until I realized that it was a quarter past 2, and I had to get up at 7AM. Welp. So now, here I sit, bloodshot eyes at 2AM and listeningto Dr. Know, with a desk filled with minis that have at least some of this liquid green stuff. With my gaps filled, I boot up Space Marine for a well deserved kill session.


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