Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The start of something that changes

So with this post, i introduce you all to my blog, about the new Daemon army i am collecting, as well as what i am working on in between waiting for finecast releases and cashflows. Everything from commissions to personal collections. Lets get dis bitch started - before, however, it is wise to mention that these are all works in progress and the final mini pictures will be much more smooth.

The Vrock(Daemon Prince)

The Changeling


Pink Horror

Blue Horror

Spawn of Chaos

The crew so far:

I have 20 pink/blue horrors, Vrock, Changeling and a trade with a buddy for some pink horrors and a Soul grinder pending. That means i need to buy 2 boxes of Flamers, and i am going to wait for Fateweaver and Screamers to become available in finecast. Would also like it if Games Workshop released a model of The Blue Scribes, so i dont have to convert one up.

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