Friday, September 2, 2011

And I'll have fun fun fun until Tzeench takes my paint away

I've been a busy little bee, painting pink horrors, looking up basing techniques, and hammering out my list. But between here and there, I've had time to do some work for my friend's Grey Knights as well as other side projects. Mainly because I rain out of 5 of the paints needed for my army. Welp.

Paladin Banner Bearer

I know for a fact that I need to work on my freehand skills, or buy a micron pen, as while the intent was good, the delivery turned out ok. 

I also did some work on my Imperial Fists, deciding to do a Multi-Melta gunner

Space Marine Heavy Weapon Specialist

With my ADD sated, for now, I can now move back onto the Daemons and focus on the lovely finecast Flamers of Tzeench I picked up from FTW Games today. They will hopefully prove to be a fun project.

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